this project was named ‘2018 renovation of the year’ by cosmopolitan home magazine!

Architect: J. Visser Design

Interior Design: Kathy Waite Design

What to do when the perfect home just doesn’t seem to be out there? Buy where you want to be, line up a talented team and start (almost!) from scratch. We found all kinds of surprises during this whole-home renovation - including the original roof hidden several feet below another added in 2004! We dramatically opened the floor plan to increase comfort and movement. Abundant rear windows and an extended patio were added to accentuate the beautiful riverfront and blend inside and outside spaces. Our clients are avid cooks: Their new, show-stopping kitchen features plentiful countertop space, multiple ovens and two dishwashers, offering room for both to move and work at once, and a television that disappears into a banquette when not in use. When the teenagers leave for college, our clients can zone off the main level to carry themselves efficiently into their retirement years.

“The strength of this team and their collaborative process generated better ideas that made this project come together in a way that is astonishing.” - Homeowner